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Intermittent fasting 16/8: instructions, diet plan and recipes

Intermittent fastingIntermittent fasting 16 to 8 is a different term for short-term fasting, in which 16 hours are fasted every day and the remaining 8 hours remain for food intake. Basically, the core of intermittent fasting 16/8 contains no more and no less than this small rule, which has an EXTREMELY effective and positive long-term effect on the health of the body. Fasting 16 hours a day has an extremely positive effect on health after only a short time.

Lose weight with intermittent fasting?

In addition to the health aspects, such as detoxifying and purifying the body, intermittent fasting is also a very effective diet in which you can lose many kilos of fat sustainably. You can read below how much you can lose with intermittent fasting. Nevertheless it must be noted that Intervallfasten 16/8 is actually no Di?t – it concerns rather a healthy nourishing form with a before specified Ernährungszeitplan , which one can retain if possible its whole life long! Intermittent fasting is relatively uncomplicated and can be started directly without any previous experience or special foods. There are however nevertheless a few pitfalls on which one should pay attention during chamfering. The most frequent mistakes, in addition, particularly leckere Intervallfasten rezepte and a free plan we can recommend to you here:

Intermittent fasting instructions


Intermittent fasting entry

Intermittent fasting
It is well known that the beginning is always the most difficult. How, where and when should you start intermittent fasting and what do you need for intermittent fasting?
First of all: 16 hours fasting does not mean that you have to fast from midnight to 4 pm. You can freely choose the starting phase for the fasting time and of course fast into the next day. A fasting time of 18-10 o'clock has proven to be very harmonious, since for most people the slightest restrictions and adjustments have to be made. Just think about at what time you can best integrate Lent into your daily routine.

In order to make the intermittent fasting introduction to the new daily routine as pleasant as possible, you can support the purification process with certain foods and teas at the beginning. The short time fasting 16/8 should be finally no agony. Above all you should not starve! Quite the opposite! Interval chamfered 16/8 (also Leangains mentioned) is a very individual and at the same time controlled food admission, which gives the body enough time to use the taken up food and at the same time enough rest phases gets, in which the body around the dismantling processes and also the cell innovations in the body to worry, which come with permanent food admission normally unfortunately too briefly. With intermittent fasting the body has enough time to carry out the natural degradation processes (detoxification) and active cell renewals in the body. Without intermittent fasting, the body is “forced” to do these processes on the side, which is anything but ideal for a healthy body.
Already after one week you will feel, how your body responds positively to the intermittent fasting, without thereby changing the kind of the nutrition. An adaptation of the meal times is already sufficient! Don't worry about an agonizing feeling of hunger! Slight feelings of hunger are possible at the beginning, so that you can quickly remedy them with a green tea or black coffee.
In the following you get now a plan for intermittent fasting . For all of you who are still unsure what to eat when/how, we also have suitable recipes for intermittent fasting.

sorry,this is “only a german” video and a german Instruction, because this page is a german translation. We will take care to offer an alternative video in your language here soon.

Intervallfasten 16/8 Plan

Letzte Mahlzeit am VortagAbendessen nach Wahl wurde um 18 Uhr beendet. Aber hier nur noch Wasser, Tee oder Kaffee trinken.
Frühstück10:00 Uhr: Frühstück nach Wahl. Beispiel für ein eiweißreiches Frühstück:
- Spiegelei, Baked Beans und Bacon
Beispiel für ein kohlenhydratreiches Frühstück:
- Brötchen und Marmelade

Dazu gerne weiterhin Tee oder Kaffee trinken. Ingwertee ist ein wunderbarer Fett-Booster und kann daher den ganzen Tag über getrunken werden!
Tipp: Wer gerne besonders schnell, gesund und lecker in den Tag starten möchte, sollte sich auf jeden Fall Athletic Greens anschauen. Weiter unten gehen wir auf diesen "Grünen Intervallfasten Shake" noch einmal näher ein!
Mittagessen & Nachtisch14 Uhr: Mittagessen nach Wahl.
Besonders gesund:
- Hähnchenbrust mit Reis
Es geht aber genauso Schnitzel mit Pommes.

Ruhig satt essen und gerne noch ein wenig Platz für ein Stück Kuchen lassen.
Workout / SnackKurz vor der letzten Mahlzeit wäre ein Workout ein guter Zeitpunkt. 30 Minuten joggen wäre ideal. Ist aber keine Pflicht.
Ein Snack wie Nüsse, Obst oder Gemüse sind ebenfalls kein Problem, sollten aber nicht übertrieben werden, da gerade Nüsse viele Kalorien haben und Obst die Insulinkurven nach oben treiben.

Unser Tipp: Ein Riegel Zartbitterschokolade mit 85 % wirkt Wunder. Macht Glücklich und unterdrückt unnötige Hungergefühle, die eigentlich nicht auftauchen sollten!
AbendessenRechtzeitig mit der Zubereitung für das Abendessen beginnen, so dass Sie mindestens 15 Minuten Zeit haben, um bis 18:00 Uhr fertig gegessen zu haben und mit den 16 Stunden fasten beginnen können. Bei der Speisenwahl haben Sie freie Hand. Wer es perfekt machen will, entscheidet sich für ein Low-Carb essen, so dass es zum Abend hin keine unnötige Insulinspitze mehr gibt.
16 Stunden fasten!18:00 Uhr - 10:00 Uhr am nächsten morgen fasten!! Erlaubt sind Wasser, Grüner Tee, schwarzer Tee, Ingwertee und schwarzer Kaffee ohne Milch und Zucker.

GANZ NEU: In the free intermittent fasting test you can determine in advance which intermittent fasting method is particularly suitable for you. Afterwards one can be provided if necessary adapted nourishing plans with suitable prescriptions and instructions.
intervalfast test
Intermittent fasting 16/8
In this example we have decided to fast from 18-10 hours. Of course this example can be adapted according to your wishes. 19-11 o'clock, 20-12 o'clock, 21-13 o'clock or already 17-9 o'clock? No problem at all! In addition, in this example we have left out the choice of diet to show how free you are in your choice of food.

Nevertheless: Short-term fasting is not a miracle cure and should not be a free ride for unhealthy or excessively many foods! So don't overdo it and try to eat as healthy as possible even during the eating phase! Especially those who want to lose weight should pay attention not to be worse in the calorie balance at the end than without short-term fasting.
A fasting plan for one day is not enough for you? Here is a short-term fasting 16/8 plan for a week

Athletic Greens during intermittent fasting

Intervallfasten ShakeIf you want to drink something other than water, tea or coffee during the fasting phase, Athletic Greens is a little secret tip from us and a really tasty and healthy alternative, because it can also be drunk during the fasting phase!

Athletic Greens is a green powder made from over 75 healthy and exclusively organic ingredients. One spoon of the powder mixed with a glass of water is equivalent to 12 portions of fruit and vegetables! That alone is great, but it gets even better: We really like this shake and it has been proven that it is also suitable for the fasting phase! The inventor of the shake comes from New Zealand and is himself an enthusiastic intermittent fasting fan, which is why he made sure that exactly this is possible with his shake!

Special offer: This month there is a discount offer, where you get an additional package worth 77 Euro for free with your first Athletic Greens order! Here you can get your Athletic Greens incl. gift >>

We can really recommend the powder without any restrictions (no matter if during the interval fast or outside) and have already written several articles about it:

Intermittent fasting: Advantages

The advantages of intermittent fasting are manifold! Here is a small list of the most important points:

  1. The body gets time to recover
  2. More growth hormones are released for cell renewal
  3. Less fatigue
  4. Better sleep
  5. immune defence is strengthened
  6. The metabolism is increased
  7. skin aging is stopped and cells can be repaired (anti-aging genes are activated)
  8. The body cells clean themselves. The so-called autophagy is a cell purification that is only triggered during fasting. Only when the pancreas no longer releases insulin can the body start cell repair and purification.
  9. Cholesterol level is optimized (less LDL and more HDL)
  10. Optimization of blood lipids
  11. Blood pressure reduction
  12. Lose weight through loss of body fat and not through loss of water or muscle mass
  13. Arthrosis can be prevented or even reversed
  14. General cure inflammations in the body better
  15. cancer outbreak can be prevented
  16. Diabetes type 2 can be prevented or even reversed
  17. Hashimoto patients may lose weight despite hypothyroidism. For more information, see Intermittent fasting in Hashimoto
Intervallfasten Shake

These stars have lost weight with intermittent fasting

Here is a small (and certainly not complete) list of prominent people who claim to have lost weight with intermittent fasting:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Beyoné
  • Kate Hudson
  • Ben Affleck
  • Liv Tyler
  • Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen

Correct, also a German celebrity and additionally also a doctorate Dr. has lost with intermittent fasting whole 10 kilos.

Here now an intermittent fasting instruction which we can recommend with a clear conscience:

Intermittent fasting plan

Beware of these errors during intermittent fasting

The most common fasting mistake is drinking. Can I drink tea? Well, then I make myself a ginger tea with honey. WRONG! The complete fasting effect is destroyed by the honey.

With the following drinks you should do without in the 16 hours fasting phase (but within the 8 hours the drinks can be consumed):

– Coffee with milk? Nogo!

– Espresso with very little sugar? Not either!

– Fruit juice? NO!

– Water with lemon? Leasant also no! See below…

In order not to fall into any trap, one should limit oneself to the following drinks when drinking during the fasting phase:

  • Water (with or without whirlpool)
  • Ingwertee
  • Green Tea
  • black tea
  • Coffee / Espresso
  • Matcha Tea
  • Athletic Greens (this magic drink is a brilliant way to give your body all the necessary vitamins to start the day without breaking with fasting)
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Warm water with lemon is a good start to the day! does not interrupt the fasting phase & follows (just like ginger tea) an Ayuveda cure, which can be wonderfully combined with intermittent fasting!

Our recommendation: With this professional Intermittent fasting guide for 7 weeks the intermittent fasting succeeds guaranteed! Try it in any case! For instructions on intermittent fasting

Here are the 6 typical short-time fast errors in summary:

  1. Create a Intermittent fasting plan or use our fasting plan for one week. If you simply fast on it, you may miss your destination and eat too much, too little, or have no uniform fasting times. With our instructions this should not happen.
  2. Do not fall on unhealthy food with ravenous appetite. With healthy meal (protein-rich and ballaststoffreich) no ravenous appetite attacks arise and chamfered does not become an unnecessary agony.
  3. Do not eat too little. In the 8 hours you may eat well and should be full. If you feel extremely hungry (not hungry) something goes wrong. Short-term fasting should not drive your calorie deficit into the cellar. Better to think long-term and lose weight healthy!
  4. Too much coffee… Intermittent fasting and coffee are often combined, because you always read that coffee is allowed, that coffee curbs appetite and that caffeine stimulates fat burning at the same time. But still be careful! On an empty stomach, caffeine has a much stronger effect on the body than usual! More adrenalin is produced and therefore more insulin / blood sugar is released. Such blood sugar peaks cost the body extremely much energy, which it should use however actually differently. You should not consume more than 2-3 cups of coffee. After the second cup of coffee or espresso, it is better to switch to water or ginger tea! You can take as much as you want. And ginger tea actually has a positive effect on fat burning, without having a negative effect on the body in quantities.
  5. The large meals should be taken at reasonable times. Those who start at 10 o'clock with a big breakfast, then have a heavy lunch at 13 o'clock, will fall into an energy low in the afternoon (which in case of doubt will be caught with error number 4). Together with fatigue, you then drag yourself to dinner, only to eat a too large and heavy meal again. That doesn't have to be! Instead, it is better to have a small but selected breakfast at 10 o'clock, which satisfies well. At 14 o'clock a lunch, with which one should not exaggerate it if possible, but should also not fall into counting calories. If you are full, you should stop and not “bunker” or stuff. Dinner at 17:45 may also be a bit larger, but should be as full as possible for a long time and should not cause unnecessary insulin peaks. So lowcarb, protein-rich but also fibre-rich. But those who also want to treat themselves to something in the evening may do so. It can be however that one has a somewhat larger hunger feeling in the next morning than normally, which does not have to do with a too small quantity of coal hydrates, but with the poured out blood sugar quantity, which lets the body cry for more food… Treat yourself and your pancreas to as much rest as possible during the 16 hours of fasting ;-)
  6. You should have a fasting plan, but at the same time allow yourself to use it flexibly. This is the only way to integrate intermittent fasting into everyday life without giving up in frustration. And if you can only keep to the plan 2-3 times a week and otherwise deviate from it, then it is still much better than letting it stay the same. The ideal case is of course 365 days a year, but if the short-term fasting quietly and secretly into your daily routine works is also no problem. It does not have to be stubbornly pulled through from one day to the next. Take your time and observe your body how it is doing. But at the same time give him the opportunity to really get to know this fasting method in order to get into a “fasting flow” and to feel the advantages. Nevertheless: Short-term fasting should be considered long-term. Thus rather in intervals 100 days in the year interval chamfered 16/8, than unique at the piece 30 days and then never again…. Because in such a way the term is not meant short time chamfering ….

Intermittent fasting cookbook

For whom is intermittent fasting suitable?

  • You do not want a short-term crash diet with equally short-term dietary consequences?
  • You want to lose weight healthy and sustainable?
  • You don't want to eat a one-sided diet?
  • You do not want to expose yourself to a diet dogma with unnecessarily many rules and laws?
  • You don't want a JoJo effect?
  • You want to prevent diabetes and cancer as best you can?

For whom is intermittent fasting NOT suitable?

Unfortunately, there are also groups for whom intermittent fasting is not the ideal form of diet. It can be said, however, that this group is better off doing without a restrictive diet in terms of time or food selection. Here now a list, for whom intermittent fasting is not suitable:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetics
  • Children
  • Seniors (or only in consultation with the doctor)
  • Persons who have to take medication (possibly even at fixed times of day). Here please hold first urgently consultation with your physician whether short time fasting 16/8 is suitable for you, whether the medicines can be taken in the chamfering stage and whether the chamfering phase could have negative effects on the medicine effect.
  • People who work shifts. Here it becomes at least very difficult to maintain a regular daily cycle with fasting phase and eating phase. If you are up to this challenge, however, this is no problem!

Intermittent fasting Experience

There are several testimonials about fasting. Here we have listed the most interesting and authentic short term fasting experiences:

With this instruction for intermittent fasting you will surely have good experiences!

Intermittent fasting FAQ: Typical questions and answers

may I clean my teeth in the fasting phase ??
Of course you can also brush your teeth during the 16 hours of fasting. But the question is still justified! Please try hard not to swallow the toothpaste. Sure, you don't usually do that anyway, but sometimes you do swallow something. It would be a pity if you would destroy the fasting effect every day unnoticed.

may I take during the fasting period nutritional supplements or medication?
Difficult subject. Especially when taking medication, you should consult your doctor beforehand. It must be clarified whether the fasting phase is compatible with the medication. If that is not a problem, it must still be clarified whether the medicines can be taken within the chamfering intervals. Better would be the income in the Ess phase, since there it can be ensured that the medicines do not terminate the chamfering phase (by various ingredients in the medicine list that cannot be excluded).
The same applies to dietary supplements. If possible, the intake of dietary supplements should be scheduled for the eating phase in order to prevent an unnecessary interruption of fasting.

intermittent fasting successes

Okay, what successes can be achieved with intermittent fasting 16 to 8? The most important factor for most people is weight loss.

How much can you lose with intermittent fasting?

Even if intermittent fasting is not (or should not be) a diet, it is great for losing weight and excess kilos. Short-term fasting gives the body 16 hours a day to burn fat. At the same time, toxic waste products are broken down in the body and excreted. Depending upon body condition thereby several kilos can be taken off per week. Of course that goes with strongly over-weighty clearly faster, since there clearly more is to be gotten and the body much more extremely on the adapted metabolism jumps on, than with someone with only 1-2 kilos too much on the scales has. Intervallfasten is however no Crash Di?t! It does not concern thus to obtain as extreme effects as possible in short time. With the short time chamfered around a long-term nourishing conversion, which can be integrated well into the daily routine, goes! Slimming is thereby only one of many beautiful side effects! Much more important, however, is the long-term effect on general health and physical well-being!

With some persons it can last up to 3 weeks, until this positive effect adjusts itself. For many people, however, it is already clear within the first week that intermittent fasting can be wonderfully integrated into the old day and have noticeable success on the body. Here are a few typical successes that can be felt during intermittent fasting:

  • Better sleep
  • One decreases a few kilos of fat without losing muscle mass
  • Better skin appearance
  • More agility

Intermittent fasting works against these diseases

Again and again one reads that intermittent fasting can even help against diseases. Studies have already shown that intermittent fasting helps against cancer, osteoarthritis and diabetes. However, such effects cannot be achieved in a timely manner. One should in the long run Intervalfasten, in order to protect the body as effectively as possible against illnesses such as cancer, Arthrose or other autoimmune illnesses. However, intermittent fasting is unfortunately not a guarantee either!

Intermittent fasting in Hashimoto?

Patients suffering from Hashimoto (a hypothyroidism) have a very hard time losing weight. With intermittent fasting 16/8 you can also lose weight with the thyroid disease Hashimoto. One calls intermittent fasting therefore also as the Hashimoto Di?t, whereby an unnecessary way of suffering with constant weight increase can have an end. Here you should pay attention however compellingly also to a healthy nutrition, which you arranged before either with your treating specialist, or a specialized interval chamfering program to entrust itself , with which you get the suitable nourishing plan automatically in addition.

Intermittent fasting Recipes

As said before, any food is allowed during intermittent fasting. Of course you should still eat as healthy as possible, especially if you want to lose weight or get a previous illness under control. Therefore we have compiled a few suitable recipes here, which one can prepare well with the Intervallfasten. In the morning, at noon or in the evening:

Even more Interval fast recipes for a whole week we have gathered here:
Short time fasting plan for one week

Over 60 tasty intermittent fasting recipes are available in Germany's first intermittent fasting program IF-change, which we highly recommend:
Here you can register >>

Who does not want to make the 7 weeks program, finds here in a separate package only the recipes to the intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting Apps

Inverval fast app
Of course, there are now also apps that help you with intermittent fasting and remind you of fasting times with an integrated timer and motivate you. Unfortunately, none of the APPS is really mature at the moment, so that we can only recommend this to a limited extent. For Apple we can recommend the App 8 / 16 hours diet, which you can download here for free:


At Google Play there are currently two offers, whereby the app “Intermittent Fasting” offers some more functions and tracking with the different fasting methods is also no problem:

Here is the alternative app, which is simply called “Intermittent fasting”:

The app “Track your Fast” is a bit newer, but already very well rated, but only available in English:

Intermittent fasting coffee

As already described above, coffee offers a good change during intermittent fasting to not only drink water during the fasting period. At the same time, coffee is very dangerous, so you should not consume too much coffee:

  • Coffee must not be mixed with sweeteners or milk during the 16 hours of fasting. Only black coffee is allowed. Instant coffee, on the other hand, is not a problem during intermittent fasting — if it is drunk without sugar and milk.
  • The acid in the coffee (or espresso) attacks the stomach lining. Therefore, do not drink too much coffee on an empty stomach to avoid acidity.
  • On an empty stomach, the caffeine in coffee has a much stronger effect than the body is normally used to. So rather drink less coffee than even more than usual (as it is “allowed” during Lent).
  • Caffeine releases adrenaline into the body. Adrenaline releases insulin. Too much caffeine in the body can quickly lead to unwanted insulin secretions, although you actually wanted to give your pancreas some rest during the fasting phase.

Result on the topic of coffee during intermittent fasting:

Yes, coffee is allowed, but more than 3 cups per day should still not be!

different terms for short-term fasting

Sometimes it is a bit confusing when the same nutrition method is used for one and the same person. Especially when it comes to short-term fasting, there are many different terms, some of which also come from English, as the form of nutrition has been very common there for quite some time. Here a few of the most well-known terms under those the Kurzzeitfasten 16/8 is still well-known:

  • 8 hours diet
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Lean-gains
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Intermittent fasting 16/8
  • Short time fasting 16/8

Short time fasting alternatives

On this page we have dealt with the currently most popular form of intermittent fasting. The short time fasting 16/8. This intermittent fasting plan can be well integrated into almost every everyday life, without suffering from hunger or extreme change. One could call it “chamfered light”, whereby the regular application leads here to a health-wise extremely positive effect, which can beat the other (sporadischen) chamfering methods by lengths.

Nevertheless we would like to briefly introduce the alternative chamfering methods here:

Intermittent fasting 18/6 hours

Who already made good experiences with the Intervallfasten 16/8 and at a somewhat increased chamfering experience to try itself would like, can increase the daily chamfering time with 18/6 around 2 further hours. 18 hours fast and 6 hours eat. If this is too exhausting for you, this form might still try 1x per week or per month. But it should not become a torture. The body should feel comfortable.

Intermittent fasting 20/4 hours

I don't think we have much to explain here. The adjusting screw of Lent is tightened again by 2 hours. 20 hours fasting phase and 4 hours eating phase. This diet is also known as “Warrior Diet”.

Intermittent fasting 5/2 diet

Intermittent fasting 5:2
During the intermittent fasting 5:2 5 days are eaten normally and on two days in the week (thus ideally at least one of the fasting days lies on the weekend) is completely fasted. Only water and unsweetened tea is allowed during these 48 hours. This diet has made Dr. Michael Mosely known under the keyword 5:2 diet. On Spiegel-TV there is a great video (51 minutes long) about the 5:2 diet >>
Here is an interesting PDF with tips for a 5:2 plan for free download from Quarks and co
What many do wrong with intermittent fasting 5 to 2: The two fasting days do not have to be taken consecutively, but can be freely distributed over the week. For example Wednesday and Saturday.
But there are a few other stumbling blocks of the 5:2 diet, as the diet should not be reduced to zero during the two days of fasting. Who would rather follow a professionally led 7 week plan inclusive nourishing plans and prescriptions, should look at once this side to the topic Intervallfasten 5:2! We were allowed to try it out for the introduction into this chamfering method and were inspired by the multiplicity of the prescriptions and the super friendly support of the interval chamfering experts! So it worked out for us immediately and our test persons had after 7 weeks 6 kilos less on the scales and also during the fasting days a very good body feeling! Thus no fear of biting hunger feeling!

Fasting cure

With therapeutic fasting it is a matter of purifying the body all around. From whey fasting, juice fasting or the Schroth cure there are different types of therapeutic fasting. With most however already very little is eaten before, in order to begin the chamfering cure. Shortly before this, the intestines are emptied, e.g. using laxatives. As you can see, this form of fasting is a time-limited variant that can be carried out quarterly, for example. However, this has nothing to do with intermittent fasting and should therefore not be compared with each other.

Intermittent fasting test: Determine your ideal type of fasting!

You are a fasting beginner and do not yet know which fasting method is actually suitable for you. No wonder, as reported above, there are now extremely many different variants!

  • 16/8
  • 15/91
  • 4/10
  • 20/4
  • 5:2

And so on…. But which variant is actually suitable for you and your current situation? IF-Change has developed a Intervallfasten-Test, in which you can determine which type of interval fast you are. In the connection you can get further introductory information to the appropriate chamfering variant in a new type character and get with interest even on you cut nourishing plans, prescriptions and instructions to your chamfering method.

intervalfast test

intermittent fasting book recommendations

Meanwhile there are many good books on the subject of intermittent fasting according to the 16/8 method. We would like to present the best and most famous ones:

Intermittent fasting cookbook with 16/8 recipes

The Interval Fasting Academy has published a great Interval Fasting Cookbook, which we can highly recommend. The recipes are really tasty and quickly prepared. In the categories there are also vegetarian recipes a category which only deals with the topic of intermittent fasting breakfast.

Intervallfasten Rezepte: Kochbuch mit Intervallfasten Rezepten zum Abnehmen (inkl. Fasten-Anleitung)
Von AKADEMIE, Intervallfasten (Autor)
Preis: 9,99 €
(Stand von: 2020/09/25 4:21 pm - Details
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.
1 neu von 9,99 €0 gebraucht
(* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)

(* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.

Short time fasting Daniel Roth

In Germany, “Gesund und schmank durch kurzzeitfasten” von Daniel Roth is the best-known and most popular book on short-term fasting. Already many years ago it took up this topic and made it well-known in Germany. Who needs still more information to the topic Leangains, this all-encompassing book should acquire itself in any case! It contains explanations and tasty recipes for intermittent fasting.

(* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.

Healthy and slim through short-term fasting as PDF Download
The original book by Daniel Roth has 190 pages. Please don't try to download it for free as a PDF somewhere. It does not exist, or it is a dubious page and it is not allowed. However, we can give you a free look at the table of contents. Additionally you can download a sample of the first 22 pages:

Free table of contents
Free reading of the first 22 pages
To the complete book

You liked Daniel Roth's first book? Here is the new book “Wissenshappen zum Kurzzeitfasten” by Daniel Roth, unfortunately out of print at the moment. However, we can recommend this book to you:

(* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.

The Clock Diet

A catchy title. When fasting for a short time, you should orient yourself to the biological clock to find the best fasting times for you. The book helps you to do this and gives you tasty protein-rich and fibre-rich recipes to ensure that you don't feel hungry during Lent. Unfortunately, the book is no longer available online.

Intermittent fasting: Discover the secret for fast fat burn, longer life and more energy

This somewhat “bulky” book title has only been on the market since 2016 and has also been able to inspire many readers with short-term fasting in this short time. Above all the extremely favourable price shows that it is an ideal book for beginners, who are not sure yet whether they want to try it with this nourishing form.

Intermittierendes Fasten: Entdecke das Geheimnis für schnelle Fettverbrennung, längeres Leben und mehr Energie (Intermittierendes Fasten, ... Abnehmen, Intermittent Fasting)
Preis: EUR 3,99
(Stand von: 2018/03/22 12:50 pm - Details
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.
3 neu von EUR 3,993 gebraucht von EUR 4,70

8 hours Diet

The 8 hour diet is very popular especially in the USA.

The 8-Hour Diet
9,00 €
(Stand von: 2020/09/25 4:21 pm - Details)
Bei Amazon ansehen *
(* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.

intermittent fasting Recommendations

Here you can get a free short-time fasting plan for one week

This video features a current NDR contribution on the subject of intermittent fasting. Very well worth seeing!

Are there any questions left? Here you will find further information on the subject of short-term fasting:

Intermittent fasting instruction