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Athletic Greens Discount Code: 5 Extreme Savings Potentials — Up to 82.22% cheaper!

To say this in advance: We (my wife, me and our 12-member editorial team) love Athletic Greens and have been taking it every morning for over 2 years now! Almost as a good morning ritual! Since then, we have felt much healthier, more alert and in a better mood! Yes, it wasn't always that way…

But since we have been taking Athletic Greens for so long now, we have been experimenting with it and experimenting with it until we have achieved the best result for us. And yes, in our opinion there was still a lot to optimize in terms of price :-) We have reduced Athletic Greens in terms of price from 3.60 euros per daily portion to 0.64 euros per serving. That's a saving of 82.22%! Admittedly, a few tricks are a bit more extreme than others. Therefore, we have listed them individually here, so that you can decide for yourself which ones you want to implement and which ones you do not.

In addition, we have adapted the effect of Athletic Greens further and further to our needs and are therefore of the opinion that we have further optimized the potentials in the powder.

But there is only one drawback: We no longer need only 27 seconds to make a shake, but approx. 30 seconds… But it's absolutely worth it to us!😂

Athletic Greens price optimization

As I said, there are some possibilities to optimize the actual price per can and thus also the price per daily dose. Some of these optimizations are lighter and more obvious than others. First of all, the IST state:

Athletic Greens Sample Pack109 euros for a pack or 3.60 euros per portion is therefore the yardstick we are guided by. Let's get started:

    1. Let's just start. In addition to the sample pack for 109 euros, there is also a standard monthly delivery for 87 euros / 2.90 euros per day and a monthly Athletic Greens double pack delivery for 167 euros / 2.78 euros per day.
      Yes, these monthly models are ABO models, but don't worry, you can deactivate the ABO right after purchase with a simple click in your account (you get automatic after purchase). Super trouble-free and we personally would recommend it so!
      No, we wouldn't be inclined to double-pack delivery. At first glance, this is 5% cheaper, but if you want to get even more discounts out of your order (and we'll show you that in the following points) the double pack order is more expensive than the standard delivery.
      Conclusion: With the standard delivery you saved 18%. Instead of €3.60, we are now at €2.90 per day. A total of 22 Euros per box saved!!
      Effort: Basically zero effort. Only if you don't want the ABO model, you should deactivate it in your account after purchase (we do it that way). One click and done! Alternatively, you can do this by phone at Athletic Greens. You will receive the telephone number when ordering. A super friendly support!!!
    2. You want to get Athletic Greens even cheaper? Then I recommend you the following Athletic Greens discount page, which you will find here quite hidden >>
      The result: Now you still get the standard delivery for 87 Euros / 2.90 Euro per day 😞 However, you now also get 20 free travel packs worth 77 Euros. So 20 free Athletic Greens day rations!! Thus, you can no longer get by with a delivery only 30 days, but a full 50 days! The price is thus optimized for you to unchanged 87 Euros per box / but 1.74 Euro per day
      Conclusion: Withthe hidden landing page and the standard delivery including free travel packs, you have already saved a total of 51.66%. Instead of €3.60, we are now at €1.74 per day. And yes, still saved a whole 22 euros for the box, but more interesting here is the price per portion through the free packs!!
      This also explains why we don't advise you to double-pack. Because there you only get the 20 free travel packs. The price-performance ratio is therefore significantly worse per day than with the standard delivery.
      Effort: All you have to do is click the link to the hidden landing page. The Athletic Greens offer can still be found there!
      Athletic Greens Angebot
Athletic Greens vs Green Mother

Note: In the picture you can see an old Athletic Greens can, which has not been sold since 2019. But the content has remained the same!

  1. Over 50% Athletic Greens discount aren't enough for you? €1.74 per day is still too much for you? Well, now we're going to get down to work!
    Admittedly, some will not like this point, but those who think through it a little longer will appreciate the benefits of this version. But if you don't want it partout, you can just skip this step – because there's more to come afterwards.
    The next saving potential is to mix Athletic Greens with another (cheaper) Greens powder, which we chose in an internal test at number 2. Yes, we're panicking! But you could also say that we are refining, because you do nothing else when you mix different fine wines. Do it really! We also mix two high-quality greens powders together, which has the advantage that the “deficit” of one powder is compensated by the other powder – and vice versa. In addition to this “refinement” of the ingredients list (because in addition to the 75 Athletic Greens ingredients, 38 other ingredients from the Green Mother are added in one fell swoop (even if a few identical but then are present in a different concentration).
    (* = Affiliate-Link / Bildquelle: Amazon-Partnerprogramm)
    Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.

    Here is an excerpt of the additional ingredients added by the Green Mother: pea protein, fiber (acacia fiber powder, guar seed powder), wheat grass juice powder, spinach leaf juice powder, papaya juice powder, spirulina powder, grape seed extract (70% OPC), extracts of vital mushrooms (reishi, shiitake and cordyceps), apple fruit juice powder, acerola fruit juice powder (with vitamin C), burdock root powder, pineapple fruit juice powder, rosehip peel powder, milk thistle seed extract, nettle leaf juice powder, Barley grass juice powder, chlorella powder, brown algae extract, bromelain (from pineapple), moringa juice powder, papain (from papaya), green tea extract 30:1, liquorice root powder, alfalfa juice powder, tulsi leaf juice powder, vanilla extract, grapefruit seed extract, Sunflower lecithin, broccoli proscle extract, ginger juice powder, rosemary leaf juice powder, coenzyme Q10, fenugreek seeds, stevia (stevioylglycoside), live bacterial mixture (microencapsulated).
    We mix the 87 Euro expensive Athletic Greens (375 grams per can) incl. all free travel packs (240 grams) with the 600 grams of the Green Mother. This gives us 1.20 kilos of high-quality Greens powder with a whole new taste nuance!
    If mixing the two powders is too extreme or too risky, you can of course also work individually with half a spoonful of Athletic Greens and half a spoonful of Green Mother and thus grope yourself to your desired mixture. At the beginning, we would even strongly recommend this in order to find your ideal mixing ratio. If you find one powder a little too bitter and the other a little too sweet, it is now in a balanced ratio! We love it! At 12 grams per day portion (i.e. the spoon of Athletic Greens) you can get a full 100 days with this ration. The cost is 87 Euro + B015Bro = 126.90 for 100 days
  2. Conclusion: Due to the panschen of Athletic Greens and Green Mother, we end up at a price per day of 1.27 Euros and have already saved 64.72% in total. Instead of €3.60, we are now at €1.27 per day.
    Effort: You only have to use the Athletic Greens discount code of the hidden Athletic Greens landing page, there for 87 euros incl. buy the free travel packs and then buy “Green Mother” here on Amazon. In one fell swoop, that is EUR 127. However, you will also have a rest for at least 100 days and at the same time a new taste experience! However, everyone should test the mixing ratio individually for themselves, as the two greens really taste completely different. To this day, my wife only mixes something from the Green Mother from time to time and prefers to stay with the unadulterated Athletic Greens, which she is looking forward to every morning! The rest of us prefer to mix two greens together. So everyone has to decide for themselves.
  3. Okay, we are at 1.27 euros per day. We have already made a saving of 64.72%. What else is feasible? We can budget even more extreme. Athletic Greens provides a 12 gram dosing spoon. But if you take a tablespoon, it corresponds to a quantity of 6 grams (in case of doubt, measure yourself beforehand). This has reduced the cost per day to 0.64 euros. However, it must of course be noted here that in case of doubt you save at the wrong end. Surely by reducing the daily dose, you still eat significantly more vitamins and minerals than you normally eat with your diet, but in case of doubt, the total daily requirement is not covered.
    Conclusion: By reducing your daily ration from 12 grams to 6 grams, you can reduce the cost per day by a total of 82.22%. An extreme savings potential. Here you have to think about what makes sense for your body. If you already eat extremely healthy and rich in vitamins, this trick can spice up your daily household elegantly & cheaply. If you suffer from nutrient deficiency and want to use Athletic Greens for this very reason, you should not save at the wrong end here. So at least at the start, treat yourself to the full daily ration and later you can gradually consider how far you want to reduce the daily dose. For example, we have settled in at 10 grams per day and feel healthy with this mix full of power, in a good mood and above all healthy!

[edit:] Since the post has now become so long, we have split the rest into separate contributions. Here you can find the topic “Athletic Green's Side Effects

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