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Free diet plan for weight loss

There are countless diets and each diet is based on a different diet. This means that you also need an individual diet plan for each diet. Whether it's a protein diet that is also used in parts in the Atkins diet, the principle of replacing its painting time with a shake, as in the Almased Diet Plan, a diet plan without carbohydrates or like a Stone Age man with the paleo diet. In addition to all the diet programs, we especially recommend the new trend intermittent fasting 16/8. Simple but extremely efficient!

Also useful if you want to lose weight during menopause or want to mix it with the hashimoto diet.

An acid-base diet is also suitable for cleaning the body. The necessary basic foods can be found in our free acid bases table.

Of course, there are also a wide variety of mixed forms, such as the slim in sleep diet, in which you should eat a lot of carbohydrates in the morning but avoid protein and completely avoid carbohydrates in the evening and very protein-rich dishes should eat. The classic among diet programs is the Weight Watchers Diet for which we have of course also created a free sample week for you.

Healthy Green Shake?

There are many green shakes on the market. Forget them! Take a look at the ingredients list – most start with apple juice or grape juice. You don't have to spend money on it! One of the best green shakes by far is Athletic Greens! The shake comes as a powder and is prepared without a blender in a few seconds. Just try it, there's a money back guarantee if it doesn't taste good! We have not used this warranty….
More information about Athletic Greens ingredients the Athletic Greens side effects and how you get your greens over 80% cheaper with this simple Athletic Greens discount code

Diet Recipes

We have a whole range of different diet recipes, but we also point you to external recipes that you can view and recook for free. This guarantees that the recipes are always varied, up-to-date and delicious. Because nothing is worse than a diet with boring or outdated recipes. Of course, we are also happy if you send us your favorite diet recipes. To the topic: free diet plan recipes

Fitness exercises

Yes, almost every diet also includes some sport. Although there are always diets that are only about the food change, we always try to incorporate one or the other workout there. We highly recommend the Freeletics Workout. After all, what is the use of a slender body if it is flaccid and untrained? In addition, muscles are the fat-burning motor at all. So if you exercise your muscles a little bit, you will not only feel fitter along with the diet change, you will also lose weight even faster. Because even when you sleep, your muscles will diligently burn fat. Here you will find a small overview of our workout exercises, which we integrate individually in the free diet plans. Because every diet has a slightly different focus. On the topic:Free diet plan fitness training

Diet experiences

Our team has already tried a lot of the diets on their own and knows what they are writing about. Nevertheless, we are of course also dependent on external testimonials. You are welcome to contact us and send us your diet experience.