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Giesswein Merino Runners Review: Experiences & Care Reports

Admittedly, our site doesn't necessarily fit thematically to write an experience report about shoes. However, our editorial team has gained so many Giesswein Merino Runners experience in private in the last few months that we would like to share them with you here.

Let's see what points we will work on in our Giesswein Merino Runners Test and Testimonial:

  1. Difference between Giesswein Merino Runners for women or men?
  2. Giesswein Merino Runner's Price?
  3. Giesswein Merino Runners Advertisement
  4. Who is Giesswein at all?
  5. Giesswein Merino Runner's Experiences
  6. Giesswein Merino Runner's shoe size?
  7. Giesswein Merino Runners Amazon or online store?
  8. Giesswein Merino Runners Discount Code / Discount Code for 10% Discount
  9. What is Merino wool and where does it come from?
  10. Giesswein Merino Runners Care Instructions
  11. Giesswein shoes impregnate
  12. Giesswein Merino Runners Laces
  13. Giesswein Merino Runners Reviews
  14. Giesswein Merino Runners Test-Fazit 😮

Difference between Giesswein Merino Runners for women or men?

It is particularly striking that Giesswein repeatedly divides its Merino Runners into two categories.
Merino Runners for Women / Women
Merino Runners for Men / Men

We have therefore long wondered where the difference between the two categories is. But even if you look at the product photos of the two categories longer, you will not find any differences in colors or averages. Are there any other laces? We also controlled this, but even that is no difference (even if we have more to report on the laces of the Merino Runners later on)!

When we contacted the support of Giesswein, we got the sobering answer relatively quickly:

The main difference between the merino runners for women and those for men is the choice of shoe size. We offer the women's collection in shoe sizes 36 – 42. The Giesswein Merino Runners for men, on the other hand, we offer in the shoe sizes 40 – 48.

Incredible but true… The Merino Runners are a uni-sex shoe that basically makes no difference between the women's and men's collections. Only the shoe sizes are individually geared to the respective target group. A woman with a shoe size of 43 is therefore welcome to use the men's collection without fear of getting any more masculine shoe design in shape or colour.

[edit:] A short time later, however, we noticed a difference that might be possible. it only happened step by step. Meanwhile, other colours (ruby/light red, grape/purple, light grey and turquoise) are added to the women's collection, which are not (understandably) offered by men. For example, we have now reached 13 different colour variants for women, while there are currently 11 different colour variants for the men's models.
Giesswein Merino Runners Women

Giesswein Merino Runners Men's
The men currently have the choice for a light green Giessweine shoe, which is not available in the women's collection.

Giesswein Merino Runners Prize

Normally, the Giesswein Merino Runners costs 129,00Euro. It does not matter in which colour or shoe size the shoe is ordered. And once again, some of our editors are annoyed that the significantly lower content content of smaller shoes does not have a positive effect on the price…:-(
Further down on this page, however, we have a discount code, with which you get the Giesswein-Runners again just under 13 Euros cheaper, so that you get the Giesswein shoes at the cheapest price on the Internet directly from Giesswein from Austria.

Giesswein Merino Runners Advertisement

aOn January 31, 2019, Giesswein has published the following advertisement, in which you pack the advantages of the shoe “looser and funnier” than in the previous videos. Here is the Giesswein Merinorunner commercial from 2019:

If you don't know previous ads, you should definitely watch the video. Okay, a woman who just strolls around all day… The advertisers could certainly have come up with something more exciting. But the song makes you want to enjoy the summer :-) Presumably it should deliberately spread a chilly and cool mood.

Before you ask, here is the information about the song from the video: Steve Smith Joey miceli – lovesick (instrumental)

Who is Giesswein at all?

The company Giesswein comes from Tyrol / Austria and is a family business in 3. Generation. Since the company is known worldwide and sells internationally, the terms “Giesswein Austrian Fashion” and “Giesswein – Made in Austria” have become established. The company specializes in processing the benefits of hand-picked wool quality into modern garments. The company is best known for wool slippers. Especially children love the comfortable slippers of Giesswein (Anektdote by the way: With my son, the Giesswein slippers were the main reason in the first weeks unjustly the main reason why he wanted to go to kindergarten in the morning). But there are also jackets, hats and various accessories from Giesswein.

The current generation of the Giesswein family has now taken the step towards Sneackers and thus obviously hit the mark. Their new “3D Strech Merino Wool” technology was needed to transform the merino wool into a shape-stable, comfortable and at the same time absolutely fashionable leisure shoe. In the following two videos, you can see the just mentioned Giesswein generation, which present their new sneakers. Okay, your English is not perfect, but I think that makes it all the more sympathetic and authentic:

Here, the inventor of the Merino Runner deals with the typical questions and of course also the advantages of the shoes:

With Merino Runners to the new bestseller?!

The Merino Runners have only been on the market since summer 2017, but in this short time they have quickly established themselves in the highly competitive market of sneakers, as can be seen here from Google's searches:

However, we would like to examine in more detail whether a purchase of the sneakers made of merino wool is really worthwhile. Only one year after the release of the Merino Runners, Giesswein has already relented and launched a new model Giesswein Wool Knit Test. Here, too, the demand is extremely high, which suggests that the sneakers made of merino wool are an absolute hit for the company (which we can absolutely understand ourselves).

Giesswein Merino Runner's Experiences

Giesswein Merino Runner's shoe size?

With the Giesswein woll-Sneaker, the question of the perfect shoe size has reached us especially often. Are the gieswein shoes rather tight or wide? Are you more likely to wear them with socks/stockings or without them? Does the merino wool still give way when worn, or may it even pull together sooner?
We would therefore like to address these questions briefly here:

Merino Runner with socks or barefoot?
The Merino Runners are actually designed as barefoot shoes. In contrast to pure cotton shoes, the 100% merino wool shoes are ideal for this. It would therefore be a pity to weaken the extremely positive properties of merino wool by using a few cotton stockings or artificial fabrics as an intermediate layer. But if you are unsure, you can also try on or enter the shoes with socks. After a few days, however, you should dare to try the shoes barefoot. Even for people who have never walked barefoot in shoes, it is a good thing! Sweat feet? No problem! We wear these shoes even in midsummer and for sports. The shoes are really as breathy and would be as self-regulating as advertised!
Giesswein Merino Benefits

The right shoe size?
The merino shoes are usually a little bigger. You have an intermediate size? Then we (and the Giesswein-Support) recommend to order the smaller shoe size, because at the moment Giesswein does not offer any intermediate sizes for the Merino Runner. Alternatively, you can of course order two different shoe sizes directly and send the inappropriate size back free of charge. This goes very well with the Giesswein-Online-Shop and was even recommended there by the support. Likewise, you can of course test different colors in this way and only keep the Merino Runners color variant, which you really like.
Giesswein Merino Runner Colors

Giesswein Merino Runners Colors

With the color selection of the Giesswein sneakers we are also immediately at another advantage, which unfortunately also very often ends in an extremely large Giessweine Merino Runner's disadvantage. The shoe colours of the Giesswein Runners are really extremely modern and at the same time discreet and suitable for almost any occasion. The problem: Unfortunately, all color variants are rarely available in the corresponding shoe sizes. It is not uncommon to get such a (somewhat frustrating) view:
Giesswein colour selection

Incidentally, it makes no difference whether you order in the Amazon shop or in the Giesswein online shop. The color selection is usually exactly the same because a stock is accessed. When we asked how it comes about that the different colors in the different sizes are sold out so often, we got the following useful answer from the Giesswein support:

Our manufacturing processes are in full swing, but we do not always lag behind with the demand for the individual colour variants. As a small tip, I can tell you that the missing colors usually always go to the 15th. and replenished at the end of a month.

That's a great tip, isn't it? From our own experience we can still say that in men especially the color dark blue is out of print. In the case of women, several colours are often and quickly sold out. The colours are particularly frequently affected:
Slate / dark grey
robin / light red
grape / purple
Nothing helps, except: Be fast :-), choose an alternative color or wait for the replenishment to arrive.

Giesswein Merino Runners Amazon or online store?

To say this right from the moment, our entire editorial team is a huge fan of Amazon. Basically, we would always order everything directly from Amazon. In this case, however, we are now making an exception, as we have had really great experiences with the online shop and the support of Giesswein. In addition, we can currently use a voucher in the Giesswein online shop, so that we can get the shoes there much cheaper than, for example, on Amazon (more on this below).
Overall, the Giesswein online shop is very clearly structured and we were also pleased to find that, unlike Amazon, Paypal is not a problem here either.
In Germany and Austria there are no shipping costs for the shipping, so that you can really order a few shoes “to try on” and then simply send the unsuitable or not fallen copies back. At Amazon, we've heard stories that at some point Amazon will have problems if you do it too often. In the case of gieswein, however, there is no problem with this approach. Probably also a sign of how good the shoes are.
If you still prefer to order from Amazon, here you can find the two shoes (again separated by ladies and men's shoes):

Giesswein Merino Runners Discount Code / Discount Code for 10% Discount

The biggest advantage, which is why you should order your Merino sneakers directly in the Giesswein online shop, is probably the possibility to use a discount code in the shopping cart. Currently there is a voucher for this, with which you get the gieswein shoes at a cost of as much as 10% cheaper. What doesn't sound like much at first is ultimately reflected in just under 13 euros per shoe purchase.

Giesswein Merino Runners Redeem Discount Code

Here is a little guide to how to redeem the discount code:
Go to this separate landing page and select your desired shoe (the voucher also applies to other products from the Giesswein shop)
Put the desired product in the shopping cart and go to the checkout.
In the checkout you will then see the field “Discount” in that you then enter the discount code FBDE10.
Then click “Apply“.
Giesswein Voucher

Subsequently, the validity is checked by the voucher and then automatically deducted from the value of the goods:
Giesswein Discount

So buying shoes is even more fun :-)

What is Merino wool and where does it come from?

with the following two videos we would like to briefly discuss the main product of the shoe: the merino wool. In this video you can see very nicely where the wool comes from:

In this video you can see what else the fashion industry makes of merino wool and the advantages of merino wool:

Giesswein Merino Runners Care Instructions

Basically, the Merino Runners are very easy to care for, because they can be worn in any weather. Due to dust and sand, the shoes can of course appear a bit dirty after a few months. But this is not a problem, because either you knock out the shoes with your hand, so that the dust is knocked out of the merino wool, or you put the shoes in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Both worked wonderfully in our test and the shoes then looked like new again and we fit on the first day! Only in the dryer you should not put the gieswein shoes under any circumstances, otherwise the wool would run in extremely and uncontrolled. The shoe would certainly not suit you any more.

Giesswein shoes impregnate

If you are travelling with your sneakers especially frequently in rainy weather and still want to have a permanently dry foot, you should get an impregnation spray. However, it is extremely important to get a spray for functional clothing, otherwise the shoes would immediately lose their breathability and you would sweat in it just as much as in a rubber boot. We have had very good experiences with this impregnation spray and have now treated all our gieswein sneakers with this spray.

When it rains, we now have a clearly visible (and beautiful) beabeper effect on the shoes:
Impregnated Giesswein SneakersOnce stamp on the floor with the shoes and the rainwater dribly dribly down again from the wool and the shoe remains dry:
Giesswein always dry after impregnation

In addition, we have received from Giesswein Support a very useful and summary care guide for the Merino Runners, which we do not want to withhold from you. Here you can download the manual as PDF for free >>

Giesswein Merino Runners Laces

As already indicated, we would like to write a little about the topic of laces here, because there are some interesting things to mention:

Giesswein lacing to hide laces

Okay, of course Giesswein also uses some marketing tricks to present his giesswein shoes especially great. If you then unpack the shoes and use them yourself, you wonder why the shoes on your own foot don't look quite as perfect. The reason is often the long laces. Unfortunately, a simple bow makes the shoe a little chunkier than on the perfect marketing pictures. But there are simple tips that we would like to present here:
Particularly elegant solution without cutting off the aprons

Ingenious, right? Sure, alternatively you can simply cut off the laces and knot them together in the right place. Until recently, we had always done it until recently, when we became aware of this cool product here:

We find the idea very cool and some use these zubits with many more shoes. If this is still too chunky, take a look at these elastic laces:

But if you prefer to stick with the existing shoeies, but also don't want to incorporate Zubits magnets, you can still achieve a lot with a creative lacing. Because you can further customize your merino runners by using a completely new lacing. Here are some creative ideas (admittedly, presented on another shoe):

Giesswein Merino Runners Reviews

The reviews for the Giesswein-Merino-Schuh are consistently positive at Amazon, as well as on Google, Facebook or the Giesswein-Shop! We can only support this positive criticism! It is a pity, but also understandable, that gieswein is not currently lagging behind with the production and therefore again and again some colors are not available. However, we are sure that they will soon get a grip on this part.

Giesswein Merino Runners Test-Fazit

We are excited about the Merino shoe. For this reason, we made an exception here and wanted to report on this merino shoe on our site (on which we actually report on diet products). Many of our editors now have different colors of this Giessweine Meriono shoe. Some change according to mood, others clearly have shoes for work (more centered color) and colors for leisure (quitschbunt). Either way, we find all colors great and are curious how these shoes prove themselves in the long-term test. We will report :-)

We still have one criticism: the name “Merino Runners” is perhaps a bit misleading. Because even if some of our editors put on the shoes for workout sessions, these shoes are only partially suitable for jogging. For longer jogging sessions we prefer to use our jogging shoes. We would therefore have found the name Giesswein Merino Sneakers better. But that is certainly a matter of opinion and criticism at a high level.

Giesswein Woll Cross X Jogging Shoe

[edit:] Exciting how fast Giesswein is with the production of new ideas, because in the meantime Giesswein has released a shoe especially for joggers and calls this Giesswein Wool Cross X:

[edit:] Even after more than a year we are still enthusiastic barefoot wearers and can absolutely recommend the Giesswein Merino Runners! Currently there is a discount promotion, which we have now pointed out in this article. For security here again the discount code: FBDE10
(Just tested and via this link the code even goes for other giesswein products from their shop.)

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