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Losing weight during menopause

For almost every woman, “losing weight during menopause” becomes an extremely important topic. On average, each woman takes between the ages of 45. and 55. year of life approx. 7 kilograms too.

Difference between menopause and “The Change”

The menopause does not start until 50, as is often assumed, but already in the mid-40s and then accompany you until the 60th. Year of life.

However, menopause (also called peri-menopause) is the “negative climax” of menopause. Once the female body has not had a menstrual haemorrhage for 12 months, this stage is reached. In fact, this is often the case at the age of 50. But even then, losing weight is still possible. With small adjustments, one can fight against the negative consequences of menopause. Almost a menopause diet

The frightening rule of thumb of menopause:

Metabolism slows down by 5% per decade. The hormones needed for youthful appearance and a functioning fat metabolism are the first to be broken down.

Nevertheless, menopause is not a disease. The hormonal fluctuations in the menopause are natural and only require the necessary knowledge and a well-founded concept to continue to feel completely comfortable in his body. intermittent fasting optimizes the hormone balance in the female body, which attenuates many negative side effects even during the menopause.

Losing weight during menopause with intermittent fasting

With daily 16/8 intermittent fasting, the female body can experience the menopause without annoying weight gain. At least if you stick to a corresponding diet plan in the first few weeks. IF-Change (Germany's first intermittent fasting program) has developed a separate program to combine intermittent fasting in combination with a diet plan for women during menopause. Here you can find the intermittent fasting plan for women in menopause

intermittent fasting 16/8 plan

Menopause intermittent fasting plan start

Menopause Diet:

Menopause is virtually the “goddess of hormone imbalance”. intermittent fasting is ideal for balancing hormones. But if you want to try it without the daily intermittent fasting (why, anyway), you have to rebalance your hormones by other means or. to get back on track in the first place.

In summary, the menopause causes the following in your hormone balance:

  1. Estrogen production gets out of balance,
  2. Testosterone is taking over,
  3. Progesterone levels are too low.

Three facts that don't sound good at first, but what does it really mean? And what can be done about it? Here are the answers!

Estrogen deficiency or estrogen dominance? Both bad!

Especially during menopause, there is an increasing shortage of estrogen. In some women, however, there is an estrogen dominance even during the menopause. Both are not good for our weight.

Among other things, estrogen has the task of increasing insulin levels, thereby regulating blood sugar levels and avoiding craving attacks. A normal, balanced hormone balance helps to stabilize the weight. On the other hand, if the estrogen level is above average, insulin production also increases. As a result, insulin resistance develops in the body and the glucose absorbed is stored in the tissue (preferably in the hip and abdominal area) in the form of fat. And as a result, you keep increasing, or just not.

Important: In order to know how to proceed without intermittent fasting 16/8, you need to know your current estrogen level! Is it too high or too low?

Here you can have your estrogen level tested and, in case of doubt, with small nutritional adjustments to get it under control quickly.

Get estrogen levels tested

This is how estrogen levels are rebalanced with an adapted diet:

    • Regular exercise (try to walk 8,000 steps per day)
    • No alcohol (the liver is responsible for metabolizing the estrogens. Alcohol negatively influences this process, which increases estrogen levels)
    • Soy products raise estrogen levels. In case of an estrogen deficiency, you should therefore include soy products more often in your diet, in case of an estrogen surplus you should definitely refrain from soy products.
    • The same applies to pomegranate seeds! If you have a defect, take more and more, in case of a surplus, definitely do without it.
    • Red clover capsules (isoflavones) in case of estrogen deficiency in menopause

Stabilizing estrogen levels

The following foods help you effectively stabilize the levels of estrogen in your blood:

  1. Fiber-rich foods
  2. Broccoli, cauliflower, pak choi and kale
  3. Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Sesame

Get a grip on Estrogren's dominance:

Garlic, onions and citrus fruits detoxify the liver, helping it to metabolize even more estrogen. In case of estrogen dominance, you should integrate these foods into your everyday life.

Testosterone levels in menopause

Again, unfortunately, there is a simple rule:

Too high testosterone levels = menopause belly!

In addition to estrogen levels, women often have slightly elevated testosterone levels during menopause. When the female hormone estrogen becomes less and less, testosterone dominance occurs.

For this reason, women in menopause are more prone to a thick belly with internal abdominal fat. This is why we also speak of the menopause belly.

Don't worry, we're telling the menopause belly (terrible term, right?) to fight!

By encores of progesterone and daily movement, the testosterone excess (and thus also the kilos) can be melted.

Progesterone in menopause

Progesterone is much more than just a pregnancy hormone. Progesterone is unfortunately a very well kept secret!
Rejoice, because if you read this and suffer during the menopause, progesterone (ideally in combination with intermittent fasting) will certainly help you to break through!

Many people think that progesterone only plays an important role in pregnancy. It is therefore also known as “pregnancy hormone”.
But progesterone should play an important role in the woman's body throughout life, because it has very important functions that are often underestimated. Summarized:

Progesterone keeps the whole body alive, young and active.

In principle, progesterone for women is what testosterone is for men: a source of vitality.
Great that the media are dropping this hormone under the carpet, right? And it gets worse:

At the beginning of menopause, almost all women have too little progesterone, because this hormone is the first of the sex hormones that decrease during menopause.

“It's a pity,” because progesterone rejuvenates the tissue (not only the skin, but also the bone tissue), it strengthens libido and at the same time has an invigorating and relaxing effect. In addition, progesterone prevents the development of breast cancer and uterine mucosa cancer.

And as already indicated, the progesterone is relevant to help with fat loss!

Progesterone a miracle cure?

No, progesterone is not a miracle cure with which you can slim down without any effort! But if the excess weight is at least partly due to testosterone dominance, then progesterone can help get rid of the superfluous kilos.

Progesterone also helpful for thyroid problems!

In addition, progesterone can often be used to treat thyroid hormone resistance, which also provides fat pads.

So how do you get the highly coveted progesterone?

A progesterone deficiency can be compensated by measures:

  1. Regular exercise (we note that this is important for regulating the three menopause hormones)
  2. Preparations with the medicinal plant Mönchspfeff
  3. Yam root capsules as progesterone replacement
  4. In severe cases: progesterone capsules and/or creams (but both are prescription-only and must be prepared as a prescription by the pharmacy). This point should be deleted from the head immediately. Long-standing studies have shown that taking prescription hormones has serious side effects. With the above-mentioned preparations of monk pepper, yam root and red clover, however, you can do nothing wrong!

Menopause diet in summary

We strongly recommend that you integrate 16/8 intermittent fasting into your everyday life. In addition to the symptoms of menopause, intermittent fasting also has an extremely positive influence on many other things in the body. We have tested the IF-Change program and we are enthusiastic about it and therefore always like to recommend it to our readers! Here you can get directly to a program package, which places special emphasis on the interchange able:

Intermittent fasting plan for women in menopause

Take an estrogen test so you know if your estrogen level is too high or too low. This test here is cheap, of high quality and can be carried out conveniently from home:

Get estrogen levels tested

Exercise is important to get a balance in all three hormones. Every day 8,000 steps are a very good start. So that you know how many steps you take every day, we recommend a pedometer like this one:

Finally, the reference is that pretty much all women in menopause suffer from progesterone deficiency. With monk pepper and yam root extract, however, you get these values quickly raised again. Take one capsule of the following two recommendations daily and you have stabilized your values within a few weeks. Then you should also notice very quickly first improvements in weight loss and in general condition:

Finally, a quote from an IF-Change member. She has had very good experiences with intermittent fasting and has lost the initial kilos in just a few weeks. Thus, the menopause is no longer a problem for you:

Decrease in menopause successesIf-Change helped me get rid of my menopause pounds. In the last few years, something had accumulated quite well, especially on the stomach. I didn't even know intermittent fasting before. I was surprised (positively) because the If-Change team helped me to get through intermittent fasting and avoid typical beginner mistakes. This is how the daily fasting phase works for me completely without biting feelings of hunger! Thank you very much for your great support and the really thoughtful weight loss program. The unbelievably great tip with the three key hormones has brought even more momentum to my intermittent fasting diet! I feel super comfortable, slim and didn't have to turn my life upside down for the program. Simply suitable for everyday use!

Claudia S. (51), educator, Freiburg

intermittent fasting plan for menopause

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